What Is DMS?

The importance of DMS

With AEC (Asean Economic Community) and TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement), businesses in Southeast Asia cannot ignore the competitive pressure from the market. Manufacturing and distribution companies encounter many challenges in growing and developing brand awareness to consumers through distribution system. Especially in developing countries where the traditional channels contribute significantly to the value of all distribution channels, and local distributors are used to the traditional wholesale than retail, the challenges become even more difficult.

According to Mr. Tommy Nguyen – CEO of DMSpro, who has implemented, consulted and supported the very first DMS projects in Viet Nam since 2003 such as Unilever VN, Procter & Gamble VN, Vinamilk, Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson etc.,

The challenges of distribution system include:

  • How to fully control product’s availability on market to be fullfilled and in-time?
  • How to evaluate the coverage of our products and competitors on the market?
  • How to ensure trade marketing programs are implemented effectively and accurately at selling points?
  • How to take timely information from the market to adjust plan/policy promptly?



Thực phẩm & Nước giải khát
Automating store visiting process to help sales team perform fully all steps as company’s process.

Thực phẩm & Nước giải khát
Putting sales team out of work papers, daily reports to focus on caring customers with necessary information.

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Visualize selling point information about location, information inside selling point to help company in evaluating market at office.

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Optimizing inventory of distributors to ensure good supplying is not interrupted.

Thực phẩm & Nước giải khát
Optimizing cost to implement trade marketing.

Thực phẩm & Nước giải khát
Timely data, multidimensional (Distribution channel, geographical area, sales organization) and throughout (1 data is seen by all departments).

Besides, Distribution management system solution must be flexible enough to change as Client’s business requirements, for example, changes in the distribution of market segmentation, sales organization management team structure without disrupting operation.