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Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have intention to expand your business, your services. In currently, DMS is growing faster and faster, as a professional DMS provider, we can offer many service packages of international standard to help you increase ability of approaching potential customers.

Profound experience about DMS

Our team of experts are the most experience in DMS solution in Viet Nam and South East Asia. With over 10- year experience in DMS and many members who had participated in the first DMS project in Viet Nam, we are confident to bring the best solution for sales management and distribution of your business. DMSpro has orientation to become leading DMS provider in Asia.

Our solution is built on leading platform of SAP and Acumatica, two best-known ERP experts on global. This platform of international standard in security, outstanding performance, multi user, accessing with many roles, more and more. Therefore, it can ensure stability during operation.

At any phase in distribution channel of customer, we are able to offer many services that you can choose easily. Our system is easy to set up and install and no need to install other software except its wen application. So, with us, setting up for customers and partners is very simple.

Our system has scalability to meet with the development of customer distribution network, helping them not to be worry about licensing costs while adding new customers.

The transfer of knowledge is performed in the first day. Example, in case of customized reports, our solution is built on ERP platform with popular programming languages NET, so we are always ready to share with partners the keys so that they can support customers timely.


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