Core DMS – System Application

Core DMS – System Application

Core DMS is a system application, where users in company, distributors can perform their daily operation.


DMSpro’s Core DMS is developed based on ERP platform such as SAP B1, Acumatica so that it can inherit all features, necessary standards of a commercial software:

  • Stabilization

Such ERP platform is implemented and used by thousands of customers, hundreds of partners all over the world so its feature can meet many company’s characteristics.

  • Extension ability

Besides available standard features, ERP platform also provide a wonderful library that customers, partners can customize, develop their own particular features or changes later on without depending on implementing partners or software vendors.

  • Integration ability

Our solution can provide necessary APIs for customers, partners in order to integrate data with others systems without intervening the source code.

  • Enhancing sales team

Optimize performance, enhance quality of sales services.

  • Visual management

Provide visual images and insights of market situation, distributors, staffs, points of sales… in real time.

  • Improve productivity

Reducing time for manual paper work, updating data faster and helping to accelerate decision making process.

  • Seamless connection

Having seamless connection between staff and system.


Master Data
The mission of DMS is supporting the company to analyze market information such as distribution channel behaviors, store characteristics, coverage plan, sales team structure… needs a flexible master data to provide multidimensional market information, as well as reducing resources to operate, re-configure system when having changes in market or selling structure.

Sales KPIs
To develop distribution system, market information need to be quantified in indicators such as: sales, successful orders, strike rate, coverage, successful implementation of trade program rate etc and then allocate them to specific sales area. Thereby we can determine capacity and efficiency of sales team, and plan for suitable training policy from time to time.

Trade Marketing
To support sales team in developing and maintaining coverage at the point of sales, companies will have to execute some trade marketing programs such as: Promotion, cumulative sales (loyalty programs), product displaying, selling tool kits, etc. DMS will help these trade marketing implemented consistently from company to each points of sales. Besides, DMS can also help to minimizing missing and incorrect execution; shortening execution time; fair and transparent evaluation and settlement between company and distributors.

Purchase Order
Distributors will use this function to manage purchasing information with company, reconcile between target and actual to have suitable purchasing plan.

Integrated with company’s internal system, this function will help distributors control their order’s status, help the company reduces labor cost and time to re-enter orders from distributors, reduce human errors especially when there’re many SKUs and complicated trade schemes.

Account Receivable/ Account Payable (AP/AR)
Distributors will use this function to manage their Account Receivable/ Account Payable (AP/AR) with the company (Head Office).

Sales Order
Distributors will use this function to process orders sent by sales man or direct orders at distributors.

DMS solution helps company to handle selling types such as: pre-order, van sales (or mobile sales), credit sales, cash sales etc. It also helps to analyze what selling types most suitable at each region so that managers can plan accordingly.