SFA – Sales Force Automation

SFA – Sales Force Automation

SFA (Sales Force Automation) is a valuable support tool for sales man. It helps salesman to work accordingly to sales process of the company, to save time, to increase quality of customer care, and to extend our coverage and hence maximize revenue.


Heavy and long meeting at day-begin and day-end

Normally, all sales staffs have to participate in meeting at the beginning of the day to monitor sales operation, transfer plan of today, review results of yesterday. And a meeting at day-end is needed to update sales results for sales supervisor

A sales management toolkit all in one Tablet to cut out paper work

Product catalogue, paper sales order, invoices … in physical form can be lost on the way coming back to the office. And It takes at least one day for the point of sales to re-acquire the lost documents.

There’re many risks while engaging in too much paper work like promotion is executed manually, information is transferred incompletely, and promotion calculated manually can lead to false data.

Many points of sales can be ignored, hence market coverage can be lost.

With manual toolkit, it is difficult for sales man to be able to fully execute all sales steps. Salesman may not have enough time to visit all stores, and can easily be disoriented that lead to skipping some stores. Therefore, market coverage is at the risk to be reduced.



After first synchronization, salesman will be sent directly to Preparation, where they can have information they need before going out on field. Those information includes customer lists, sales KPIs and their achievement progress, promotion programs, allocation products…

Monitoring their own sales KPIs

Salesman will be notified about their performance at the moment by daily and monthly which is also updated continuously and in real-time. Then salesman will be able to come up with suitable action plan to achieve their target/ KPIs.

Support sales

Information such as customer registered for loyalty or display programs, suggested order basing on historical data and current registered programs … will surely make salesman more active in persuading customers to buy more.

Besides, our solution also provides promotion info with its effective period, and promotion can be calculated automatically.

Optimize sales process, hence increase market coverage

The visit steps is set up in a very practical order. Every missing steps shall notify to the salesman so that the process is complied as required, salesman saves more time by spending less to for inefficient work and concentrate on taking care of the customers, expending coverage and maximize revenue.

The application also support offline mode, therefore salesman’s work won’t be interrupted if there’s no internet or 3G. The app will automatically save also info such as sales order, GPS, timing… and send back to the system when 3G/internet restores.