We provide distribution & sales management solutions for both manufacturers and distributors. From the beginning, DMSpro had researched, built and delivered advanced management methods for clients who encounter issues in distribution and sales.

Foods & Beverage

In such competitive market, enterprises require an advanced management methodology with real time and in-time data-driven decision making. Due to truly fast consuming nature of the category, your products can be easily substituted by variety of choice, once the product coverage is not strong.

Milk & dairy

Managing nationwide dairy distribution efficiently is a key challenge, especially with short expiration date & tough competition. Therefore, DMSpro designs solution that allows real time visibility in to milk market conditions, as well as tight tracking distributor’s performance and their capacity.

Non Food (Household care, Personal care, Cosmetics)

Personal Care and Cosmetics normally have a variety range of products with different functionalities, purposes, and prices. Besides, the promotion schemes for the categories are considered to be quite complicated. Such concerns are also the key of DMS project.


Pharmaceuticals have its own special characteristics, very different from DMS original strength due to its history. Therefore, DMSpro transforms to adapt to special requirements of Pharmaceuticals, including sales force management, pharmaceutical representative team management, inventory, expiration date, empty packs exchange programs, etc.

Building materials

Our solution helps manage the distribution of Building materials from Distributors to Outlets, centralize data & optimize communication between manufacturer, suppliers, distributors and sales team.

Dry cells & Batteries

Warranty programs, complicated collection and exchange programs, product history tracking… are special characteristics of the category that DMS needs to adapt with.

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Founded in 2011 in Viet Nam, DMSpro is a cloudbased pioneer in Distribution Management System (DMS). Our team of experts are the most experience in DMS Solutions in Viet Nam and South East Asia. DMSpro focuses on DMS development with vision to be the leading DMS Service Provider in Asia.

Leveraging leading technology platform, our mission is to help SMEs and prestigious corporations accelerate their business.


Security of DMSpro system is trusted by many clients, including international firms. Different security levels from hardware, network to security at hosting, port and different levels of data.

Higher level of management: Reduce paperwork, save HR cost, minimize human error, quick data update, speed up decision making.

Able to access anywhere, on any device with Real-time & Reliable data generation. Scalable and Flexible to adapt with Client’s ecosystem.

Clean, flexible system with fast installation. Thousands of orders can be processed simultaneously by the system.


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